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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  December 21, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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good morning, i'm anne mako. i'm brian webb. mark has the morning off. >> it is 7:00 saturday morning, december 21st. thanks for joining us. >> mark has the morning off. >> new this morning, within the past two hours, the two main employee unions for bart have reached a tentative agreement on a contract. >> they have been negotiating with bart management to resolve sticking points on paid family leave and health insurance for retirees. the issues cropped up after the union's approved an earlier version. both unions plan to ask members to ratify the new deal after the bart board approves it. >> in a statement released this morning, the local sal eisu president said it's a fair resolution that was months of
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drawn out contract talks that ends the your honor certainty. the bart general manager said this deal will guarantee that every ounce of the agency's focus will be directed to providing great service. >> here's a look at what's included in the agreement. a bereavement leave policy expands the lease of deceased relatives. workers will get paid time off for the death of a grandchild for the step parent of a spouse. in another room, break rooms get upgrades at three bart stations and a third feature allows workers more flexibility on how they pay for family medical leave. >> the agreement came hours after a bart agreement at another major agency. a.c. transit announced its agreement. it means all buses will run, even after the 60-day cooling- off period ends sunday night. there will not be a strike. >> the east bay may have felt a little shake last night. a 2.7 magnitude earthquake
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rattled san leandro at 11:38 p.m. people also felt it over in oakland, castro valley and alameda. already no reports of any damage. weather headlines for today. the first day of winter. >> how about that? doesn't feel like it. >> a live look from our roof cam at the bay bridge. a beautiful morning albeit a little cool. temperatures in the 30s and 40s around much of the bay area. warming up slowly throughout the day. and see some sunshine after we get rid of the patchy fog this morning. winter arriving, well, just a little two hours from now. sunny afternoon, mild temperatures. those will continue. we'll take a look at our seven- day forecast coming up in a few minutes. developing news out of africa this morning. >> rebel fire hit two military aircraft today in south sudan. three americans were hurt. one service member is in critical condition. they were reportedly on ospreys
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which can fly like helicopters or airplanes. sudan claims renegade soldiers must have been responsible for the attack since it happened in an area the military doesn't control. two separate shootings at northern california shopping centers. one at tracy and one in san leandro. an argument in the parking lot of the bayfair shopping center turned into a shopping spree. >> reporter: a crime scene just before 4:30 that way. that's when multiple witnesses say one man shot another right in front of the justice at bayfair mall. san leandro detectives say it began as an act, with words as weapons before several rounds flew. the parking lot was soon packed not only with crowds and shoppers but crime scene tape and evidence markers in anticipation of heavy prechristmas crowds, both unformed and undercover officers were there but none
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witnessed the shooting. >> someone brave enough to do a shooting in broad daylight at a large shopping mall in the east bay where there are many shoppers during the holiday season here is quite capable of almost anything. >> reporter: with the exception of a few stores, the mall remained open. shoppers kept spending, some thinking perhaps a christmas miracle came in the form of only one injury on a very busy day. >> i'm just glad no kids got shot at the mall, shooting with all these families. >> and a s.w.a.t. team went car to car looking for a gun man after shots were fired last night outside a tracy mall near the main entrance. glass broke one of the doors but nobody was hurt. the mall was locked down ban hour. around the bay area, a double shooting in san jose. two men were injured. it happened after 10:00 last night near san jose state university close to the christmas in the park display. the victims were taken to a
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nearby hospital. police don't know a motive and there is no suspect information at this time. a judge is ordering children's hospital of oakland to keep a brain-dead teenager on life support through monday. emotions ran high during a court hearing yesterday. jahi mcmath's fm and hospital staff will meet on monday to choose a neurologist to give a second opinion. she had her tonsils removed last monday. something went wrong and three days later she was declared brain dead. oakland international airport will conduct business as usual today. airport workers gid decided to postpone their strike to encourage progress in settlement talks. the first time they went to strike was back in august and they've been working out a contract since july of 2012. airport workers still plan to picket this morning at terminal 2. new this morning, gay couples in utah are cheering a federal judge's decision to strike down the state's ban on same-sex marriage. salt lake city witnessed its
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first gay marriage ceremony friday, but the state is appealing the ruling and trying to block same-sex couples from getting a marriage license. utah's governor, along with the mormon church also opposed the gay ruling. target is in damage control making an apology and holding a storewide sale. the chain will offer a 10% discount this weekend. it's the company's way to try to bring a little goodwill back to customers after credit and debit card data was hacked over the past three weeks. target is offering credit monitoring services free of charge. it the is time to stay goodbye to candlestick. the last regular season home game is played monday which might be the final game ever. >> it's like saying goodbye to your childhood home and some are willing to pay big to do it. 49ers gear is flying off the shelves and the memories are soon to follow. >> my parents went on their first date in 1971 at
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candlestick park. >> reporter: michael first went to candlestick with his father when he was 4. they're going back on monday for one last time. >> just for those stall gentleman and all the members we have -- nostalgia and all the memories we have as a family. >> reporter: we found a few tickets selling for over $3,000. >> saying goodbye to the 49ers, a lot of giants games there, saying goodbye to the park itself. people have a lot of memories. >> reporter: the memories and memorabilia, the fans made up of fathers, sons, daughters born into the tradition. >> it will be an honor to be there for the last game at candlestick. we're excited. >> reporter: it's time to say goodbye to the stick in style with a combination of smiles and sadness. >> to see one more game in the stadium is really cool. >> you can watch the 49ers last regular season game at candlestick right here on kpix 5. our coverage begins monday
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at 4:30. the game is followed by the fifth quarter and bye-bye baby, our special back at candlestick. >> it's only been attempted once before but nasa is on a huge, urgent mission. to fix the international space station or else. you can find just about anything on craigslist but a family to rent? one college student's unusual christmas wish come true. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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american astronauts workingn repairs outside the ion. >> we are looking at live pictures of two american astronauts high above the earthworking on repairs outside the international space station. they're disconnecting an ammonia pump that contains a bad valve. the breakdown impeded the space station's cooling system for the past week and a half so they've been roughing it up there. pump replacement has been attempted only once before about three years ago. this operation will require up to two more spacewalks, one on monday and then another on christmas day, if necessary. >> is that george clooney up there? happening today, the tapestry church in redwood city is taking people back in history to get ready for the holiday. >> is there room in your inn?
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>> there is no more room. >> bethlehem a.d. is a re-enactment of the nativity. they bring to life the birth of jesus including 85 animals from sheep to camels. organizers say it's the largest nativity scene in the state. >> it's nice to bring the true meaning of christmas to remembrance and people love to come see it. >> admission is free. more than 30,000 visitors are expected to attend this year's performance. bethlehem a.d. starts tonight at 6:00 and continues through monday night in downtown redwood city. there's a big holiday toy give away in san francisco this morning. it starts in just a few short hours, a half hour. it's the at glide memorial church. families can pick up toys starting at 7:30. the church is at 330 ellis street. take a look at this. you may remember little baby
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gorilla. you've got to look hard. she's in there. she was born at san francisco zoo back in july. today she makes her big public appearance at the jones family preserve. she takes the stage at 10:00 this morning. yesterday officials named her and it means little lady in swahili. >> we're going to need a closer look at her later on today. our weather forecast today. almost boring, comparing it to other areas of the country. a live look at san jose. a little bit of fog today. mild temperatures. that fog's going to burn off. you can see right now 37 degrees in concord. 47 in san francisco. 41 up in santa rosa. we're going to end with mild temperatures as well, getting up into the 60s all around the bay area. 64 in oakland. 61 in mountain view. 67 in santa rosa. same pattern for the next seven days. you can see we're going to have a dry christmas. sunny skies. temperatures in the 60s,
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certainly a california holiday week. >> right on the mark. you can buy just about anything on craigslist, but a family to rent? >> a college student named jackie turner had an unusual christmas wish. >> this time of year is hard. everyone's talking about their cousins, their families, all the things that make up christmas. >> reporter: jackie says she doesn't have any of that. and never did. born to a mother she never met and a dad she wished she hadn't, jackie says she was abused, neglected and starved. she's been able to move on for 11 months out of the year, at least, but that 12th has always posed a problem. >> it's hurting. you're tired of it. what are you going to do? it's like craigslist. >> reporter: jackie went looking for a happier holiday, specifically her classified said i want to rent a mom and dad. >> maybe for a couple of hours, just be like the light of their
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life for that moment. >> reporter: she got dozens of responses, about half from parents who wanted to help, for free, of course, and about half from other young people who felt the same way she did. >> we need each other. we need to be loving people. that's what tonight's about. >> reporter: jackie held a meeting for all the people who contacted her. the purpose? to pair up the needy with the needed. jackie made about half a dozen matches that night, including one for herself. a woman from university student services named anita hersmire. jackie went into this thinking she wanted to rent a family. >> thank you, anita. >> now, she's creating them. steve hartman, on the road near sacramento. >> she's a junior. >> and eventually she wants a career to help troubled kids. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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eleven years... before we introduce her, here's sometg to think about. of the foster kids that do fi >> our student rising above this week is a student we followed 11 years. >> of the foster kids who finish high school they have an estimated 1-3% chance only of graduating from college. how about law school? >> reporter: there was a time in her life kimberly armstrong was just trying to stay alive. >> kimberly marie armstrong. >> reporter: this year, she graduated from law school at
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the university of san francisco. >> it makes it more meaningful, because it's not supposed to be done, and then you do it, it feels good. >> reporter: not supposed to be done if you're a foster child from east oakland. foster child who basically raised her two brothers. >> i'm starting to realize how much more a big of a boundary to come from property for nothing and to make it here. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: this was kimberly 11 years ago, class president and honor student at oakland technical high. where hardly anyone knew about her childhood. >> sometimes go days or nights without eating. that's where school became an advantage to us because they offered free lunch. we always go to school for free lunch. that was like our main meal of the day. >> reporter: poverty was not her biggest challenge. kimberly was only 5 and her brothers even younger when her stepfather shot and killed their mother right in front of
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them. they were placed in the custody of their grandmother who was an alcoholic and abuse sieve. she's y'all crazy. that's when she would end up hitting one of my brothers, come planing you did something else. clean up the house, she was like, really, really beat up on my little brothers a lot. finally on one particularly bad night, kimberly made a decision. >> just progressively getting worse. that's when thing told them, okay, back whatever you need and let's go. and i was really scared to go, because i didn't want to get caught by her, because i had this fear if we get caught, that would have been it for all of us. >> reporter: they waited until their grandmother passed out from alcohol. then kimberly led her two little brothers out into the dark to catch a bus and run away. she was 12 years old. they escaped to another
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relative's home, and that's where they were when kim finished high school. later, when she was in college, that home became abusive as well, and the boys would have to run away again. but they got their first lesson in courage from kimberly. the next time we caught up with her was at the latino graduation services from berkeley walking with her brother, jose. >> shows him as a role model i've made it and they can make it, too. >> it's like a dream come true. words can't describe what it means, to see her after all she's been through. >> reporter: both brothers became students rising above. three years all three spoke at the nonprofit's gala. her brother put it in no uncertain times. >> kimberly took it upon herself to make sure we
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survived. essentially she saved our lives. >> reporter: alfonso taylor got his degree. jose taylor graduated from the university. they're both working professionals. but i remember when jose was in high school. he told me how they would comfort each other when they were beaten by talking about their dreams. >> don't worry, you're going to be a lawyer. you'll have a big house. we'll come move with you and we'll go to college and stuff. >> did you always think that you would do this? >> no. i'm just proud. you have the same chance of graduating college as a ward of the state, and the fact that all three of us have done it, that just tells me more people can do it. >> reporter: their mentor, james spica put it this way. >> you can get beaten, but if your sister and your brother and your family member holds you and says it's going to be okay, you can survive. i think that's why they
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survived. they had each other. >> reporter: they had each other, but it was kimberly who lead the way. this holiday season consider the gift of education to help more kids like that go to college. you can go to our web page and look for the headline how to get involved to find out how to make a tax deductible donation. we'll be right back. ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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trending this morning. her'a look at the stories trending this morning. bart--labor us and good morning, everybody. the san jose sharks have lost six of eight and perhaps the defense, well, as far as code red, it's gone from orange to red. thomas hurdle after that collision the other night with mr. brown of the kings, he's going to miss a month. led all rookies of the nhl. the sharks team will host dallas later on tonight. from that a to baseball. former a closer belfour faces the baltimore orioles. trouble is they pulled a two year $15 million offer off the table citing they found some
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issues with him. he said i'm 100%. more on this later. meantime curt suzuki leaving oakland for a $34 million deal with the minnesota twins. he did two tours of duty for the twins will be catcher spot after joe maller moves to first base. that is sports at this hour. just a couple of days away from the last regular season event for the 49ers. >> thank you, vern. here's a look at stories trending this morning. bart labor unions and management reached a tentative agreement on a contract item. >> it happened early this morning in utah. gay couples are getting married after a judge said a marriage ban was unconstitutional. >> also interpreting, memorials will be held in the u.k. and u.s. marking the 25th anniversary of the bombing that
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killed 270 people. harry potter, the popular books, are now being turned into a stage play. and christmas only four days left. you can follow us on twitter at cbssf. >> you still have shopping to do? >> all the shopping. >> i do, too. work cut out for us. our weather forecast, if you're heading out today, nothing's going to impede you from doing the last minute holiday shopping. going to make it into the 60s in most areas. a mild and relatively sunny afternoon all throughout the bay area. we are going to see this weather pattern continuing for the next seven days. no rain in sight. and yeah, you see the forecast there for christmas. nothing but sunny skies today. the first day of winter. it arrives officially at 9:11 a.m. tomorrow on kpix 5 this morning. >> some months ago, when i first uttered words about -- he said to me, what do you think?
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>> it's a terrible idea. >> no, it is not. >> first of all, as a californian, the voters should be concerned about this. >> jerry brown for president? good or bad for california? our political insiders will weigh in during the conversation tomorrow on kpix 5 starting at 7:30 a.m. and it is not your traditional christmas light display, that's for sure. some were even call it offensive. these are lights in the shape of an upside down deer. when the lights are on the display looks like blood is coming out of the deer's mouth and underneath it the sign says venison is what's for dinner. some neighbors aren't too jolly over this display. city officials have been contacted. they say their hands are tied. >> let's stick with know men and stuff. >> thank you for joining us this morning. again, we'll be back here tomorrow morning at 7:30. have a lovely first day of winter. ,, ,,,,,,
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